The Political Struggle For Climate Justice: Paris & Beyond

The Climate Justice Series at Harvard Kennedy School is excited to host the presentation “The Political Struggle For Climate Justice: Paris & Beyond” by Wael Hmaidan. Wael will discuss the implications of the Paris Agreement and upcoming climate struggles, from his experience leading civil society advocacy in the UNFCCC negotiations.

  • Time: Tuesday April 19th, 6-7 pm (food will be served)
  • Location: Room T-301, Taubman building, Harvard Kennedy School (see directions)
  • Bio:
    Wael Hmaidan is the Director of Climate Action Network – International, and has more than 20 years of experience in climate change and sustainable development work in the Arab World and globally. His work on climate change started in his capacity as the Greenpeace campaigner for the Arab World, where he helped establish the energy and climate change campaign in the region. Then he founded IndyACT, an organization that campaigns for achieving a strong and progressive climate change policy among Arab countries. During his work in IndyACT, he established the Arab Climate Alliance and the Arab Youth Climate Movement to push for strong climate policy in the region. He also served as a negotiator for Lebanon in the UNFCCC for two years. Wael is currently serving as International Director of Climate Action Network (CAN), the biggest global network of non-governmental organizations coordinating on climate action, especially within the UNFCCC process. CAN is well recognized for its role in shaping climate policy, including its contribution to the outcome of COP21 in Paris.

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